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”Rights are not gifts from government.”

The “traffic stop” has become to be known as really the only interaction with the government where you are expected to incriminate yourself by producing documents in flagrant violation of the 4th and 5th amendments to the bill of rights to the US Constitution.

What everyone neglects to tell you is that if you have a “licensing agreement” with the government than you have agreed to follow all of their ridiculous rules and if you get caught slippin’, then that’s where they make their revenue.

The thing is, that YOU CONSENTED to all that ridiculousness when you APPLIED for the license. You SUBJECTED YOURSELF to this nonsense. I don’t know about you, but the police and government are NOT my AUTHORITY. An “authority” is someone who is WELL RESEARCHED and has KNOWLEDGE in a particular topic. An authority is not a low-IQ bully that has slapped on a shiny badge.

These low-IQ bullies fail to realize that when they smash someone’s car window that is not only using violence against peaceful people but it is also assault, battery, property damage, theft and all around wrong. The police are the ones committing felonies to extort money from the people whom they have sworn to serve over ridiculous victimless crime which only serves to generate revenue. If you don’t want to be extorted, these bullies will escalate the situation if you don’t do what they say but that is also WRONG.

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