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How Google stole your internet

Remember back in the old days how Google showed pages and pages of results at the bottom of the page?

Old style Google search results seemingly go on forever…

Well, do you know what they do now besides clutter the results with ads or similar search suggestions? They have literally stolen all of the results and now just give you a “more results” button.

Newer style Google “more results” button severely limits results.

The censorship is real. You used to be able to get literally millions of results on many searches but not anymore. Now you get maybe 20 results on any given search. They thought that they would pull a fast one on everyone, but I am at least PARTIALLY WOKE!

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Nun Exposes Pope as the Devil

Nun calls the current Pope as Demons Manifesting in the Flesh

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Insurance is Racketeering

Any and every insurance scheme is racketeering, If you look to the uniform bonding code any law that is made compulsory is gambling/racketeering and any judge who “knowingly” enforces a racketeering scheme can be disbarred.

The key here is “knowingly” he can’t deny it once you forward that let him know that you know.

Anyway, I have never been formally charged with an insurance charge because of this fact in court.

Let’s go deeper what’s the first thing the government wants you to do when you buy a car? They want you to register it so now it technically and legally belongs to whoever issues you the registration papers. You can not even be “legally” obligated to pay insurance on a car that is not even yours, can you? That is fraud so they made compulsory insurance NO-FAULT at the same time because they had to.

Let’s say you do have an accident, you still have to pay the deductible which is usually the first $1000 on the damage so it’s not insurance at all, is it? They know that most fender benders don’t cost much more than that. then if you factor in the total amount of fraud you paid into, all the years that you have paid, your car would be paid off over and over again a thousand times already.

To go deeper into the scam of insurance. It is not an assurance of anything in fact it is the opposite. the prefix “IN” negates the word.

It makes the coherent ‘incoherent’ by design,
the tolerant intolerant to their wordplay like myself,
the sufficient insufficient because you pay out everything to this fraud and if you live this lie long enough it makes the sane insane.


I have never used insurance and I use my car very carefully due to this fact, I see people flying around like maniacs every day because they have this false sense of security from their policy.

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Deception by Words

Have you ever considered how the meanings of words have been changed to enslave you? In today’s video, I talk about some things that have to do with the constitution that most people have never thought of before. Some people have dedicated decades of their lives to try and give you tools to ensure that the deception does not happen to future generations, but once again progressive tyranny has crept in.

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What is winning? Does winning mean playing by their rules? Or does it mean making an all-out last-ditch stand for what you know is right? Take a chance!

Visit the following link to get the free ebook featured.

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Why I am Partially Woke

Be sure to like and sub because I can’t wait to be able to go live and interact with you in real-time. In this video I describe why I am only partially woke. Thanks for watching!